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3 new funds, 3 new solutions – January 2015

The financial needs of customers are continually changing and so in order to arrive at a more relevant and exciting fund range we have listened to your views. This insight has driven our selection process and has identified some important gaps in the range for our target customer groups.

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For those customers looking for a lower volatility route to participate in Europe’s recovery, they might want to consider a high dividend yielding strategy. Europe is not only one of the highest-yielding equity markets globally, but also home to some of the world’s finest companies. 

The Schroder European Equity Yield Fund aims to offer customers unrivalled access to a portfolio of good quality businesses which are committed to growing their dividends. Managed with the objective of capturing long-term superior returns with relatively lower market volatility, customers can now benefit from a quality dividend strategy through the expertise of experienced and well resourced fund managers. 

As well as Europe, we are also offering our clients the opportunity to invest in Japanese equities. Japan is one of the world’s most important economic powers and is considered to be one of the key global stockmarkets for investors to get exposure to. Japanese manufacturers are world leaders in several major industries. For example, Japanese companies continue to enjoy a global competitive advantage in the electronic components and machinery industries.

Moreover, Japanese equities may provide valuable diversification benefits for customers. For those customers considering investing in Japan, they may want to take a closer look at the Eastspring Japan Dynamic Fund.

Fund nameFund codeCurrency
Schroder European Equity YieldR168USD HDG
Schroder European Equity YieldR169SGD HDG
Eastspring Japan DynamicR170SGD HDG

Please note that securities held within a fund may not be denominated in the currency of that fund and, as a result, fund prices may rise and fall purely on account of exchange rate fluctuations. Your client may get back less than they have paid in.

Funds that invest in individual countries may carry more risk than those spread across several countries. These funds can be more volatile and higher risk due to their limited exposure.