Global term

Guide to Critical Illness Cover and Disability Benefit - Outlines and defines the critical illnesses that are covered within Global Term.

Keyperson & Sole Proprietor Business Protection Guide  - Outlines the benefits of protecting your clients' key business people or sole proprietors.

Partnership and Shareholder Business Protection Guide - Summarises the benefits of protecting partners or shareholders within your clients’ businesses.

Underwriting guide - These guidelines explain our underwriting philosophy. They also outline the acceptable nationalities and countires of residence for Global Term.

Trust Guides

Trust guidance - Notes on trusts, beneficiary nominations and assignments.

Products covered by these guide notes – International Protector Asia.

Source of wealth

Source of Wealth Guidelines  – Our application forms contain a section called ‘source of wealth’ which needs to be completed to give us information on where the income your client will use to pay their premiums has been generated. This document will help you to determine what information your client needs to send us and if source of wealth evidence is needed.