Technical Webinars

UK residence, expats and Covid-19

With many UK expats currently unable to return to their country of residence due to Covid-19 restrictions, FPI’s Brendan Harper takes a look at how they may be impacted by this unusual state of affairs.


UK Inheritance Tax Planning: Protection Trust
February 2019

UK expatriate clients represent a significant advice opportunity particularly for Inheritance Tax (IHT) and estate planning. This is often overlooked.

Our Head of Technical Services, Brendan Harper explains how taking out a Global Term policy and putting this in trust can help your clients to plan for key issues facing UK expatriate clients regarding IHT.

Did you know that the advantages of the protection trust are?

  • The benefits can be used to pay the IHT liability
  • It leaves the client in total control of their wealth
  • Clients can determine who will benefit from the death benefits and when
  • Living benefits remain available to the settlor

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UK Expats: A fresh look at Time Apportionment Relief
May 2018

We have prepared a webinar that is aimed at advisers who deal with UK expatriates or former expatriates.  During this session, we will show you how significant time apportionment relief is and the tax advantages it brings to UK expat investors and savers.

It is an important benefit for anyone who takes out a Friends Provident International (FPI) insurance contract, and subsequently takes up residence in the UK.

Our Head of Technical Services, Brendan Harper will explain:

  • What the relief is  and how it works
  • Examine how the position has changed since 6 April 2013 for certain policies
  • Provide case studies and examples to understand different client scenarios

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