Our Isle of Man location

The Isle of Man has a well-established and successful financial services sector and should be top of any prospective investors list.


An enviable record of political stability 

Friends Provident International is incorporated in the Isle of Man. The island is located in the middle of the Irish Sea, roughly half way between England and Ireland and is part of the British Isles. The island is a self-governing, protectorate of the British Crown, with a high degree of legislative and political autonomy, enacting its own laws and tax system, independent of the UK.

It is not part of the United Kingdom, or a member of the European Union, and it has an independent legal system that follows English law. The head of state is King Charles III.

The Government of the Isle of Man is a parliament called Tynwald and has operated continuously for over 1,000 years, making it the oldest parliament in the world. 

Financial strength and transparency 

The Island has excellent financial strength ratings. Moody’s rated the island Aa3 (Stable) in October 2020. Moody’s stated: “The Isle of Man's… credit profile is supported by high wealth levels created by a long track record of strong economic growth, strong institutions and prudent fiscal policies. Very high wealth levels provide a significant buffer against shocks, and the IoM has a long track record of strong GDP growth, with low volatility.”

The island is an active member of the OECD and in 2017 retained its top ‘compliant’ rating for global tax transparency, one of only a handful of small offshore financial centres to achieve this rating. 

The Isle of Man was an early adopter of the global Common Reporting Standard and fulfils its obligations to provide full automatic exchange of tax information globally. The Isle of Man won the prestigious International Finance Centre award at the 2021 International Investment Fund and Product Awards for the fourth time in 5 years.

Sophisticated and effective regulation

The island’s principal regulator is the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (IOMFSA), an independent statutory body responsible for the licensing and supervision of Isle of Man based banks, building societies, investment businesses, collective investment schemes and corporate and trust service providers.

It is also responsible for the regulation of the island’s insurance and pensions sector. The IOMFSA aims to secure an appropriate degree of protection for policyholders, maintain international confidence in the island’s insurance and pension industry, and to deter financial crime.

In 2019, the IOMFSA introduced a new Conduct of Business Code designed to complement the Island’s existing regulatory framework and provide enhanced customer protection and greater transparency.

The IOMFSA is highly respected worldwide, and liaises closely with international colleagues to ensure those who choose the Isle of Man for their finance products can be sure of the highest standards of support.

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