Retirement planning

Securing your clients future

If your clients start saving for their future now, their retirement plans could have the time they need to flourish. Your clients would also have a better chance of achieving the retirement you deserve.

If they wait too long, they may find the cost of securing a comfortable retirement becomes out of reach.

Your clients retirement planning is likely to involve building a portfolio of assets, such as superannuation investments, which could provide them with capital and income to fund their retirement. Being non-Australian resident for tax purposes affects how they might continue to pay into any superannuation fund.

Your clients may also want to consider the impact on their savings if they are not planning to return to Australia, or if they take employment contracts in other countries. 

Making appropriate provision early on could mean they take control of the age they finish working and help them maintain a high standard of living, during their retirement.

Download our guide to planning for your retirement here.


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