Property investment

Take cover when investing in property

During your clients time abroad, they might consider buying a house back home, either to live in, or as a buy-to-let property. There can be attractions in using their earnings in a strong international currency to invest in South African real estate. They may also consider investing in property in more than one country, such as the UK or US in addition to property back home.

They could be in a position to buy a property in cash, or perhaps a mortgage would suit their circumstances better.

Taking out life cover could protect their property investment and any other mortgages they currently hold, should they become unable to meet the repayments. Also, many international lenders or specialist brokers providing mortgages to expatriates insist on this level of protection insurance – so insurance is worth investigating.

As a financial adviser you can help them put financial plans in place to safeguard their home and mortgage and to protect them, their family and their lifestyle.

The information provided here does not constitute investment advice or an offer to provide any product or service by Friends Provident International.

Please seek professional advice, taking into account your personal circumstances, before making investment decisions. We can accept no liability for loss of any kind incurred as a result of reliance on the information or opinions provided here.