Purpose Saver

Helping your customers to achieve their short-term aspirations

Purpose Saver is a savings plan designed to help your clients meet their short-term goals.

This product is suitable for anyone who has a specific savings goal they would like to achieve within three to five years. We offer your clients the benefit of being able to save while offering clear and easy to understand product features.

For those looking for flexibility in terms of what happens after, with Purpose Saver your clients have the option to withdraw their savings, continue to save or take on new investment opportunities at the end of their savings period. The range of options will help them accommodate to life’s changing circumstances.

Purpose Saver also rewards your clients for sticking to their plan by providing them with a savings bonus as they make their way towards their goal. If your clients have a short term savings goal, or purpose, our solution can help you make their life goals, whatever they may be, a reality.


Simple charging - With our product, our fee structure is simple and easy to understand and explain. The appeal to customers is that they understand exactly what they are paying for. Our plan is easy to understand and there are no complicated fee structures or hidden fees.

Online solutions - Customers can access our 24/7 online portal in order to track how much they have saved at any point in time wherever they are in the world.


Short Term- Purpose Saver is a 5-year savings plan with options for 3 or 4 years as well. Perhaps your customers have the option of saving intensively given where they are in their careers. Or perhaps they are looking for a short term solution to suit their current needs.

In the long run- Unlike traditional savings plan, we care what happens to your clients savings afterwards. That’s why we have designed options for you to consider after your target saving period. Your clients can continue to save, reap their reward or progress from a saver to an investor.


Savings flexibility - We understand that your clients situation and finances may change along the way. Therefore they are able to choose how much they’d like to save and make increases or decreases to their savings amount after the first six months of saving. They also have the flexibility to choose whether to save on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis. To accelerate savings, your clients have the option to increase their regular premium with a selected annual percentage (between 1% and 20% p.a.) during the Target Saving Period.

Multi Currency- With our multi-currency offering, clients can save in the currency they may need in the future to minimize the potential exchange rate risk when they achieve their savings goal. They can choose to save in GBP, USD, EUR, HKD, SGD and AUD.


Investment- With the comprehensive fund options available under the plan, this can help your clients to effectively balance their investment portfolio to match their saving goals. By using the Model Portfolio options, they will have an expert, Morningstar is one of the largest independent asset consultants in the world, constantly monitoring their investment portfolio. Ensuring you have the best managers working for your clients and ensuring they take the right risk, at the right time.


Goal Setting- We have designed our plan to help your clients identify their savings goals and put a disciplined plan in place to achieve these. We know that achieving these goals would add purpose to their life or would help meet a need to ease their worries.

Savings bonus- We want to reward your clients for saving so with our product, they will receive a savings bonus at the end of their target saving period between 1-3% depending on how long they save for.

We have developed an online savings calculator to assist your clients in identifying their short-term savings goals and determining how much they would need to save on a regular basis.

How it works:

1. Identify your purpose

What are you saving for?

2. Input how much you need to save & time horizon

How much do you need to save and for how long?

3. Receive results & customize your plan

What are you saving for?

Please click on the following link to access this www.fpinternational.sg/purposesaver


Important information

Friends Provident International Limited reserves the right to change its charges, at any time, at its discretion upon one month's written notice to the policyholder.

Friends Provident International Limited (Singapore Branch) does not offer investment advice on the merits or suitability of its products. It is therefore important that you provide financial advice on the suitability of the products to your clients individual circumstances.

Each policy is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the law of Singapore.